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Image: Biden Administration Pushes Infrastructure Bill Costing Over $2 Trillion “It’s details where you always find the devil,” said Sen. John Hickenlooper, D-Colo., who served two terms as governor of his state and two terms as the mayor of Denver before being elected to Congress in 2020. “Obviously, with any large investment in infrastructure and a recovery plan, there are going to be places where you encounter the unexpected. And I will say that I’m impressed by the quality of the staff that are working on those issues.” A cautionary tale is the 2009 stimulus, whose spending initiatives Biden oversaw as vice president. Then-President Barack Obama promoted the bill as being full of "shovel ready" projects that could quickly get people working. But investments in ambitious initiatives like high-speed rail failed to get past opposition from Republican governors, who killed transportation projects in Florida and New Jersey. Cost overruns derailed projects in Democratic states like California, where a plan to connect San Francisco to Los Angeles is stuck on more modest Central Valley line additions that are still in progress. Many voters didn't immediately see or feel the benefits of the legislation, even as supporters now credit the clean-energy incentives with boosting the solar and wind industries and the mix of tax breaks and infrastructure projects with staving off a more severe recession. The Biden administration has some advantages that Obama didn’t. A big one is time. Obama took over while the recession’s job losses were peaking and legislators were desperate to identify projects that could immediately put people to work. In Biden’s case, the economy is adding jobs, despite a weak report on Friday, and there’s already a $1.9 trillion stimulus law on the books. “I do think they’ve taken a lot of lessons from Obama,” said Carol Browner, chairwoman of the League of Conservation Voters and a former EPA administrator under Obama. “With Obama, the focus was very much on what we called ‘shovel ready’ projects. If I understand where the administration is, they won’t be limited to shovel ready; they recognize some of these investments take more time.” The challenges will still be significant. Browner is concerned about navigating the complexities of the clean energy industry, where every step in the supply chain from mining raw materials to manufacturing could slow its growth if mishandled. But she’s impressed so far with the administration’s foresight.


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Princeton “We can no why not try this out longer tolerate the current facility that is dangerous to our personnel and an embarrassment to Princeton.” Select Board Chair Karen Cruise is part of the team working on the public safety building proposal along with Bennett, Police Chief Michele Powers, Advisory Committee member Rick McCowan, and resident Ian Catlow. Cruise said the building team recommended to Town Administrator Sherry Patch in late April that the town move forward with option B, a totally new public safety building, which is projected to cost just under $12 million. “Sherry asked the team to make that recommendation to the Select Board,” Cruise said. “An article on the warrant asks for transfers from free cash and our general stabilization fund into our public safety building fund. We would use the approximately $850,000 in that fund to pay for final design and construction documents. This would help us make our project shovel-ready. We hope that will make it more likely we can get grant funding to help pay for it.” If the annual town meeting warrant is voted through at the May 4 Select Board meeting, Article 6 will be worded as follows: To see if the Town will vote to transfer a sum of money from undesignated fund balance (free cash) account #01-000-3591-000000 and from the Town’s General Stabilization Account #80-000-5780-801001 to the Public Safety Building Account #33-000-5200-331002 for final design and engineering services, including the production of construction documents, for a new public safety complex to be located on the former Center School Site, or take any other action relative thereto. The current public safety building was built in 1890. “The actual structure and supporting truss work are failing,” Bennett said. “We cannot dig in the ground or drain water at headquarters due to ground contamination from previous occupants of this building, when it was a highway barn and oil and gas were dumped in the ground.” Bennett said the building, which houses fire, police and more, is not OSHA, NIOSH, NFPA, or ADA compliant and has a litany of issues, including heaving floors. “The current building does not have separation of contaminated gear from the apparatus bays,” he said. “Cancer is the number one cause of death in firefighters now next to heart attacks. We do not have the proper facilities to ensure a clean air and water environment, and our current facilities are diseased buildings with black mold infestation, water intrusion and asbestos.” In addition, Bennett said the door heights are too low, with only 1 inch of clearance for the ambulance, and modern firetrucks do not fit in the station, and they do not meet National Fire Prevention Association guidelines for space between apparatus and structural walls.  “We are at high risk for accidents where personnel could be dragged or hit by a vehicle,” Bennett said. There are no bunk rooms for overnight duty in the case of storms or severe weather or fire situations; in those situations, fire personnel sleep on the apparatus bay floors. Many police-specific issues are also present. “The police do not have proper holding cells for detainees,” Bennett said. “They chain them to the wall, (which) is extremely dangerous for police, the detainee and administrative employees. There have been multiple incidents with detainees. “The police do not have proper storage for firearms,” he continued. “This is extremely risky." In addition, Bennett said the police do not have a proper interrogation room.